Asked Questions

Is this a casting platform?

No, we are a crowd sourced and AI powered networking platform, helping casting, agents,managers, and production companies discover talents for their creative projects.

How do I use your platform?

Simple. Register and start uploading your headshots. As you type other people’s headshots, wereward you based on the level of accuracy. This reward in the form of a battery percentage, allowsour AI to get smarter and accurately position your headshot and reel in front of our growing list ofpartners. Casting Directors, Film Directors along with Agents and Managers.

Is it free?

Always. CastTypes cost you absolutely no money. Our philosophy is that of any healthy community.You get as much of it as you put in. The time you spend in the app “playing the Hollywood game,”the more exposure, your profile, headshots, and acting reels will have with industry professionals.

Why are you different?

UnreppedAI is founded by an actor who arrived at a relatively impressive level of success byadopting a philosophy. This philosophy has been observed to work for almost all the currentworking actors in the industry and certainly all the current A-listers top rated Hollywood stars. Thephilosophy is simple Figure out your type and essence, but not according to you or your closefriends; rather according to a broader audience, the very people who will become your fans and gowatch your movies. Then, using this knowledge, cut through the noise to the exact projects that aredesperately looking for your exact essence and talent. You will find yourself working very frequently.Our founder found out this formula works, in the space of just 3 years, and he automated it.UnwrappedAI helps you figure out your essence objectively and then position you and your workimmediately in front of the right reps and filmmakers in order to get you working fast.